LaunchBox 2019: Welcome to the Jungle, Freshmen!

By Joi Muñoz
Published 2019 October 5 – From October 2019 Issue

It is a BOx tradition every year to welcome the Biology and Life Sciences freshmen into Ateneo. Last August 24 at Leong Hall Roofdeck, LaunchBOx 2019 was held, wherein BOx upperclassmen introduced to the freshies how life was as a Bio/LfSci major. They also organized a full day of exciting activities. The chosen theme for this year was Amazonia, which aimed to represent the freshmen’s journey into the unknown jungle that is college, while exploring it to find the wonders of biology that are just waiting to be found!

The event began with a series of talks, starting with BOx founder and ADMU professor, Ronald Cruz, who spoke about the Biology and Life Sciences curriculums, the biology department, and other topics that the freshies needed to know about their academics. A talk was also given by SOSE Representative LA Ibarrientos, who introduced the school that they were all a part of, and what they could do to contribute to the Ateneo Sanggunian. In addition to these, a video made by BOX President Justin Tan was presented, wherein Justin shared his tips to on how to survive college life as a Bio/LfSci major.

Afterwards, the freshies were toured around by their TnMs to the Ateneo laboratories. Each room had themed competitions that were related to a specific type of study, such as petri dish wrapping for Microbiology, skeleton bone-naming for Zoology and even cladogram-making for Comparative Anatomy!

When all the tours had finished and all attendees had returned to the roofdeck, they were greeted with performances from BOx’s very own dance and music performance teams, BeatBОx and VoiceBOX. Awards and prizes were then given out, with LaunchBOx 2019’s Group of the Year being Group 4.

Nearing the end of the event, former Box President Girome Quemado gave a speech about his experiences in the Ateneo. He urged the freshmen to stay strong and enjoy their time in college. The closing remarks were given by Japeth Aguilar, BOX VP for Partnerships, and Alyssa Tañas, AVP-in-charge for LaunchBOX 2019. She reassured the freshmen that despite much being still unknown to them, their BOx upperclassmen will always be there to help them out when they need it.

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