RecWeek 2019: ORBIT Appreciating Life in All Forms

By Bea Lipana
Published 2019 October 5 – From October 2019 Issue

Last August 27-30, the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo (COA), hosted RecWeek 2019: Orbit an event that aimed to promote the different organizations that Loyola students could partake in. The Ateneo Biological Organization – eXplore, eXperience, eXcel, being one of the officially accredited organizations under COA, had the chance to promote their advocacies to the community in hopes of enticing new members. BOx’s advocacies, namely Bioeducation, Biodiversity and Animal Welfare, could be summed up with the organization’s tagline, “Appreciating Life in All Forms.”

From morning to evening, BOx members roamed around Red Brick Road with signboards on hand, making it known to all who could hear them that there exists such an organization that promotes love and total devotion to the preservation of all living things. Other than this, they proudly marketed several of their flagship projects, including Marine Rehabilitation, Bring Your Own Day, and the Philippine Biology Olympiad.

In the end, their efforts proved to be a success since Ateneo BOx was able to gather a total of 342 members for A.Y 2019-2020. It was certain that in the 1st General Assembly (GA), where the members would be oriented on the different ways to be org-involved, would be one of the largest GAs that BOx has had in years.

Guided by the organizational thrust, which aims to grow the members’ roots by cultivating and engaging them to appreciate life in all forms, BOx hopes to create competent and proactive leaders unified for a more inclusive and sustainable identity of the organization.

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