Basics of Photography: Capturing the Moment

By Bea Lipana
Published 2019 November 4 – From November 2019 Issue

On October 10, 2019, BOx members had the chance to learn about digital photography and post processing in Basics of Photography, a workshop hosted by the Secretariat and Documentations Department. AVP for Documentations Marcus Sahagun introduced their guest speaker, Jim Dasal, who is a well experienced photographer who has participated in projects such as Lights For Hope, ORSEM and works under the Photos Staff of The GUIDON, the official student publication of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Dasal said that photography is more than just pressing the button, it involves capturing the moment so that we can tell a story through the images that we create. He started off the workshop with some groundwork on the basics, tackling topics such as the exposure triangle, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. He even gave some tips that he has garnered throughout the years on some recommended camera settings, depending on the situation a photographer would be in. BOX members readily listened to his words of wisdom and took down notes.

He also tackled some basic framing concepts that could help make the photos much more appealing to the eye, such as the rule of thirds, proper focusing for portrait shots, and the underappreciated shots from behind. He told the audience that the best shots come from the most unusual spaces, so photographers should always be ready to squeeze themselves in to get that perfect shot. He ended the first part of his workshop by telling them to always drink up since photographers usually get dehydrated by being out and about for too long.

The second part of the workshop, which talked about post-processing tips, was mostly focused on orienting BOx members on the different settings that they could fiddle with in the photo editing, image-manipulating software called Lightroom. He cautioned the audience to not rest themselves to the teal and orange colors that usually come about when editing pictures, and to avoid overuse of other contrast-adding settings such as clarity or dehaze. Lastly, he ended the second segment by discouraging them from relying too much on editing, since no amount of editing can salvage a poorly taken shot.

At the end of the workshop, BOx members got the chance to test out their newly learned skills by editing a photo of their own using Lightroom. They got to apply the skills that were taught in the workshop and were amazed to see the results. Marcus thanked Dasal for his expertise and the time that he has given. In the end, some attendees commented that they were glad to have attended since now, they can use the camera they have at home with a little bit more confidence and a lot more creativity.

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