Biology Department launches Mentorship Program

Article by Angelica Gabatino
Illustration by Liana Libongco
Published 2020 October 10

Geared towards holistic development, the ADMU Department of Biology together with its home organization, Ateneo BOx, introduces the Biology Undergraduate Mentorship Program (BUMP) 2021.

The term ‘BUMP’ invokes the cordial gesture of fist bumping between people as well as the bumps in the road that we call college in which the program aims to help the freshmen with. This initiative hopes to enrich the experience of BS Biology and Life Science freshies during their first year in college by partnering them for an entire academic year with eligible upperclassmen who will eagerly impart moral, academic, and emotional support through genuine friendships. Through these, mentees will be able to gain invaluable wisdom and build a reliable social network. 

Its preparations involved a deliberate pairing system that considered the common interests of both mentors and mentees which they identified during the application process, which promoted easier conversations and deeper connections between the partners. 

Consisting of 62 mentors and 68 mentees, this year’s Mentorship Program formally commenced last October 2 with a virtual Socials Day that was filled with a series of activities designed to help the participants get to know more about each other. The competitive breakout sessions included Ansabe: Whisper Game and Charades and Trivia Night. The event successfully ended with the awarding of the highest-scoring teams, Groups 5 and 9.

“I am expecting that the participants will have fun and meet other people aside from their assigned mentors and mentees. I just hope that they will enjoy it, and they will be excited for the next activities of BUMP,” VP for Membership Affairs Stephanie Obias said. She hopes that all mentors and mentees would be able to maximize the learning experience that they will be receiving from each other throughout their journey. 

 Meanwhile, mentors are expected to benefit from free workshops like the Mentors Training which was held last September 18 to discuss the qualities of good mentors, along with other important concerns relating to their roles. These seminars are catered to hone their interpersonal communication and service among many other important soft skills.

“For mentors who are also scholars, certain activities done with the mentees may be considered as service hours, subject to the approval of the supervisor,” Sir Ronald Cruz, BOx founder and BUMP supervisor, also wrote under the program guidelines.

 Mentors and mentees will also be attending upcoming BUMP events such as the Team-Building Workshop, Individual Consultations, Family System Activities, Major BOx events, and the Closing Night which is the finale of the Mentorship program. They are also encouraged to contact each other through weekly video conferences and online messaging platforms in order to enhance their relationships. With this program, the Biology Department ultimately hopes to nurture its students in becoming ideal BS Bio/LfSci graduates, and foster a great community among the Bio/LfSci majors of Ateneo.

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