BOx features Digital Arts to wrap up the PMO series

Article written by Darnell Isla
Template from Canva

Posters. Spiels. Promos. In the third and final edition of the Project Management Orientation series, the Ateneo BOx urged interested members to take up roles in the promotions team by conducting a digital arts seminar via Zoom on February 15.  

Gino Delos Reyes, the current Vice President for Design and Documentations of BOx, and Rafie Castro, the Department Head of Information and Communication of the Pre-Medical Society of the Ateneo (PMSA), led in engaging the attendees in the two-hour workshop.

Introducing the promotions team

Castro talked about the ‘significant’ role of the promotions team in setting the perception towards a project as she expressed that promos “bring the event’s message to its target audience.” The former promotions head for the Philippine Biology Olympiad also encouraged members who are just starting out in digital arts.

“The skills and techniques you need in creating digital materials are honed overtime, this seminar is to just impart knowledge on the basic principles of design on promo materials,” she said.

Ins and Outs to Being a Promotions Head

Delos Reyes followed by introducing the responsibilities of a promotions head. He discussed a ‘friendly guide’ that involves familiarizing the event, coming up with a moodboard after gathering inspiration from sample posters and color schemes, planning a promotional timeline for important dates and target platforms, and laying down sketches for posters.

Consuming the most part of the seminar, Castro and Delos Reyes showed the behind-the-scenes work of the promotions team as they took the members in a step by step process of producing an event promo material.

Delos Reyes, who was also a part of the promotions subcore in the PBO and served as a creative director for projects in Ateneo MISA, created vector images in real time while Castro arranged them for the layout of the final sample poster.

Before concluding the event, the speakers revealed some tips for the seminar attendees. Delos Reyes mentioned the array of available programs that cater digital artists and reminded the importance of proper placement of elements, while Castro stressed putting emphasis on primary details and advised the use of visual elements to simplify the content of promotional materials.  

The PMO series, which aimed to enhance the skills of the Ateneo BOx members in preparation for core team positions, focused on why members should sign up for core teams last October 12 and highlighted the duties of the finance and external affairs teams on November 3.

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