BOx relaunches BUMP for second straight year

Written by Nathaniel Capistrano
Illustration by Cedric David Cortez
Published 18 November 2021

For the second straight year, the Ateneo Biological Organization (BOx) launched the Biology Undergraduate Mentorship Program (BUMP) for first year BS Biology and BS Life Sciences students.

Anchored towards providing academic, moral, and social support for the freshies, the mentorship program aims to embody the ideal BS Bio and BS LfSci graduate based on the program learning outcomes of these courses.

In its second year, the program has 90 mentors and 94 mentees, which is an increase from the pioneering 64 mentors and 69 mentees.

Headed by the Department of Membership Affairs (DOMA), BUMP officially commenced with a General Assembly (GA) on October 16 to welcome all mentors and mentees.

However, it took a lot of time to get good mentor-mentee pairings prior to the GA, according to DOMA VP Jan Raphael Pangilinan. 

“We want it to be a genuine friendship between them, really bond, and see them as ates and kuyas,” Pangilinan added.

To prepare the mentors for this program, the department also held a workshop to help the mentors improve their mentorship.

Pangilinan also added that they are hoping that mentors share resources academically, tips, and advice to their mentees. Mentors were given notes and activities to help prepare them to become good peer mentors.

Ayaw din namin [We also don’t want] the mentee to feel that they are just an extra responsibility to the mentor,” he added.

Furthermore, Pangilinan also added that his previous experience as a mentee encouraged him to run as VP of the Department of Membership Affairs.

“I really saw its importance and its role and how it can really be good for a Freshie and the upperclassmen,” he mentioned.

The DOMA VP added that the program was made possible by the supervision of Department of Biology Undergraduate Programs Coordinator Ronald Cruz, and the help of AVP for Member Relations Ynno Viktor Salloman and AVP for Member Welfare Kaye Ysabelle Ledesma. 

Pangilinan also added that there was a mutual understanding between him and Cruz that last year’s BUMP was good and that they want to continue it for this academic year.

The initiative, which was piloted last academic year, consists of different activities including Socials Day, Workshops, and Kumustahan sessions.

Because the first batch of BUMP was done during the start of the online distance learning set up, Pangilinan also looks forward to how BUMP will be when it transitions into the face-to-face setup. 

Furthermore, the DOMA VP also invites mentors and mentees to look out for future spontaneous activities by the department. The program will officially end in May but Pangilinan hopes the mentorship will still continue after that.

“Of course, [the closing program] does not mean that the bond will end,” he added.

Mentors and mentees who complete the program will be retained in the organization and will also get a formal certification at the end. Pangilinan also mentioned that mentors have priority in the Biology Alumni Mentorship Program or BAM.


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