LoveBOx ships out love through gift-giving, animal welfare

Written by Vince Albarillo
Illustration by Mikko Anton A. Santos
Published 18 February 2022

Ateneo BOx’s Department of Finance launched the LoveBOx project which is a fundraising initiative that aims to bring together several communities during Valentine’s season through the provision of gift packages that contain eco-friendly items from sustainable brands. 

The project was proposed by Chief Finance Officer Natsumi Fukuda and spearheaded by AVP in charge Kiera Francesca Tan. 

The objectives of the initiative include providing sustainable products to different communities, connecting everyone during Valentine’s season despite the pandemic, and spreading awareness about animal cruelty.

“My team and I were able to create a product that only utilized sustainable materials, from the packaging to the actual inclusions [within] the box, ” Tan said in an interview.

She added that the project was able to connect the public as they were not limited to selling within the Ateneo community.

Further, Tan said that they were able to attain their objectives due to their partnership with the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), a non-profit organization (NGO) for the prevention of cruelty and suffering of animals [1].

“Our team and I believe that this [NGO] is in line with our rationale and relevance, which aims to spread love not only among its members but also to animals who are victims of neglect, abuse, and natural calamities,” Tan clarified.

She also reported that they were able to raise a profit of P10,500. P4,200 will be used to sponsor three dogs for two months: Monmon, Yemen, and Aquina, all victims of animal abuse and in need of support for their basic needs [2]. 

Tan says this project is important to her as it incentivizes spreading love through gift-giving and raising awareness on animal welfare. 

“I am very thankful to everyone who has supported [this project] in any way possible, because without all of you, LoveBOx would not be a success,” she adds.

Furthermore, the sold packages include a tote bag, a paw-shaped crochet coaster, and a lavender-scented candle [3]. No plastic was used in the production of these items. 

Those who wish to support AKF in their own right may do so by visiting their website at 


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