The Brilliant Mind Behind the Staples in our Kitchens

As a child who grew up in times of war, Orosa had a dream of making Filipino families self-sufficient in food, health, and especially nutritional needs. Today, she is most known for being the first Filipino nutritionist as she pioneered 700 recipes and numerous inventions that have helped nourish the Filipino people that we still benefit from until this day.

Philippine Flora and Fauna from A to Z

Due to its archipelagic nature, the Philippines is a megadiverse country that houses two-thirds of the world’s biodiversity, specifically 70-80% of known animal and plant species to date.

Biomimicry: Anything You Can Do, They Can Do Better

The living earth has endured millennia after millennia of drastic changes and adapted accordingly, all without rapidly killing ecosystems as humans do. Fortunately, in recent years, scientists decided to dig deeper into her works in redesigning our societies, thus opening the world to the wonderful field of biomimicry.

Thesis: From the field or lab to our own homes

The state of COVID-19 in the Philippines leaves many students with no other option but to continue their studies at home. For Biology and Life Sciences majors, completing their thesis studies—which usually involve field and laboratory work—in the middle of a pandemic is another challenge.


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