Weighing the Positives and Negatives in GMOs

“Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been a prevalent part of the food market nowadays. However, some people raised concerns about its safety as GMOs increased their reach.”

Fight or Flight?

It’s hard to imagine a future wherein we can comfortably enjoy ourselves during international travels once more. Even when we aren’t in public spaces, the majority of us have developed the habit of constant sanitation to protect ourselves from the virus.

Expensive Gas isn’t the end of the world

When gas prices rise, it is usually met by the figurative groans and disappointment of the general public… However, I believe that high gas prices are actually beneficial to the environment and sustainable living, and therefore society in the long-run because of the following reasons.

Pfizer: Step One

We must avoid using the lockdown as the only method of improving our current predicament. If we do so, we will only be stuck in a constant negative feedback loop of rising cases and lockdown extensions.

A Culture of Research Biases

How are we to arrive at the truth, the very purpose of conducting research, if publications and institutions continue to cultivate publish-or-perish and favor positive and innovative studies?

Down With the Paywall

These damned publishing practices are predatory.

We come to them on our knees begging for research to read so we may do our own research. When we finally finish writing, we have to make the moral dilemma of either limiting access to our research or paying up a hefty amount for open access.

The Science Of Running A Nation

The impact of our administration’s neglect has shown how relevant science-centered departments and their initiatives truly are. If these policies were not neglected, countless lives and livelihoods would have been saved, and we would have been able to freely walk on the streets without a mask by now.

Science Take the Wheel

With the number of cases rising each day with no signs of stopping, those who even have the willpower to even comprehend this situation are left with the question, “What went wrong?”


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