Flight of Bird Patrol

Having the coast guards patrol the world’s ocean cover to monitor fishing activities is impractical and almost impossible; given this, the project on albatross trackers sounds like a brilliant plan to me, but what are its downsides?

Does Going Green Go Against Veganism?

Over the past years, vegans have gained both positive and negative attention due to their constant preaching and strong beliefs against slaughtering, which led to people wondering: If killing animals is unethical, why are vegans alright with killing plants? Aren’t plants living things, too?

Alien Organs

Coming from a family with a history of both diabetes and hypertension, I live in fear of one day acquiring them. And, one day, one of my organs may fail because of them. Causing me to require an organ transplant, putting me on a waitlist. A waitlist that, unfortunately, has about 20% to 35% of people on it die without ever getting a transplant. But what if you didn’t need the waitlist? Because you can have an organ made for you. An organ grown in an animal. This is the dream of xenotransplantation.

Weighing the Positives and Negatives in GMOs

“Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been a prevalent part of the food market nowadays. However, some people raised concerns about its safety as GMOs increased their reach.”

Fight or Flight?

It’s hard to imagine a future wherein we can comfortably enjoy ourselves during international travels once more. Even when we aren’t in public spaces, the majority of us have developed the habit of constant sanitation to protect ourselves from the virus.

Expensive Gas isn’t the end of the world

When gas prices rise, it is usually met by the figurative groans and disappointment of the general public… However, I believe that high gas prices are actually beneficial to the environment and sustainable living, and therefore society in the long-run because of the following reasons.

Pfizer: Step One

We must avoid using the lockdown as the only method of improving our current predicament. If we do so, we will only be stuck in a constant negative feedback loop of rising cases and lockdown extensions.

A Culture of Research Biases

How are we to arrive at the truth, the very purpose of conducting research, if publications and institutions continue to cultivate publish-or-perish and favor positive and innovative studies?


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