When Disaster Strikes: The Early Warning System

Early Warning Systems should be able to effectively distribute messages and warnings and facilitate the public’s education and awareness of risks to ensure that they are constantly prepared for it.

When wastes turns to food: Spirulina as your Superman and Aquaman

“Food fish such as tilapia that are fed with spirulina would have better growth and fillet quality and are deemed “healthier”. “You are what you eat.” When you eat healthier and good quality food fish, then you would also expect to obtain, digest, and absorb high quality (and quantity) nutrients from the fish.”

Lives for sale: Value of animal trade at the expense of PH wildlife

At present, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB) states that the Philippines remains as “a consumer, source, and transit point for illegal wildlife trade,” wherein its market value, ecological value, poaching damages, and tourism revenue loss amount to approximately Php 50 billion per year.

Sustainability in synergy: Team effort in preserving PH biodiversity

The promising future of Philippine biodiversity is achievable through the undying dedication of local scientists in the country; yet, it is guaranteed for the scientific community to be successful if ordinary citizens would conscientiously partake in the necessary actions that will invigorate safekeeping of wildlife.

Are you theistic, scientific or the skeptic type?

“These shifts coupled with the perpetuation of the beliefs being upheld within a nation, demonstrate the growth of this world to qualify already the possibility of making opposing views to coexist. Indeed science and religion shall not be bound with the notion that they are in contradiction with each other.”

Waste of Fish, Waste of TIme: The Problem of Bycatch

Fishing has always been a source of livelihood and income for those living in coastal areas. In 2015, the fisheries sector in the Philippines provided employment to over 1.6 million people. However, like with everything else, there are problems the fishing sector must address

Decoding Data: Dawn of syndromic surveillance for public health security

This technology, powered by data science, aims to lead epidemiology and surveillance units (ESUs) and public health agencies to more efficient strategies for public health security. Today, data science experts work side-by-side to deliver pandemic-related health trends and information “faster” than the spread of the virus.

Embracing Novel Gateways of Hope for Philippines’ Aquaculture System

Given these actions taken by the concerned organizations in resolving these biodiversity issues, it can be inferred that although their development in obtaining the desired outcome is sluggish, what’s important is that they recognize the problems and are incessantly seeking novel gateways of hope amidst these recurring challenges in aquaculture.