Main Projects

Philippine Biology Olympiad

The Philippine Biology Olympiad (PBO) is the country’s premier biology competition for high school students and serves as the venue for selection of the country’s representatives to the annual International Biology Olympiad (IBO). The Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) has endorsed the Ateneo Department of Biology and the Ateneo BOx as the official organizers of the PBO. Known as the Ateneo BioCamp from 2012 to 2017, the competition has enabled students to participate in events such as seminars, forums, laboratory workshops, a quiz bee, and an amazing race. All these activities aim to enhance the students’ interest, passion, and skills in the biological sciences; increase awareness on issues in biology, particularly biodiversity; and promote camaraderie among young biologists in the making.

Marine Rehabilitation

Marine Rehabilitation is a one-day event wherein participants are exposed to different marine habitats in the Philippines, and promote rehabilitation efforts, such as coral propagation, mangrove reforestation, beach clean-up, surfing lessons and more. This project will aid the participants in instilling a greater appreciation for nature and its inhabitants.

Bring Your Own Dog Day

Bring Your Own Dog Day is a whole-day activity open to all LS students and their dogs. It aims to promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership through activities for the participants and pet owners and to partner with external organizations to generate funds for donation to selected animal welfare organizations or shelters.

Advocacy Week

Advocacy week is a five-day event which features the three main advocacies of BOx, biodiversity, animal welfare, and bioeducation. This week will be filled with activities, talks and exhibits, featuring the organization’s efforts to spread these advocacies to everyone.

Open Mic Night

An event that revolves around the display of talents. This event is a way for the BOx to bond with one another and to expose the advocacies of BOx to the LS community by sharing its proceeds to a chosen beneficiary organization. Open Mic Night aims to bring people together in a unique environment that allows them to harness their talents by having a way to showcase what they can do.

Ateneo Biology Cup

The Ateneo Biology Cup is a one-day intercollegiate quiz bee, promoting camaraderie and scientific communication amongst participants. ABC will feature a quiz bee and extemporaneous speaking contest, testing the abilities of participants on their knowledge on biology and various Filipino biodiversity topics.

Pledge Week

Pledge-a-coral Week is a week-long effort that aims to share our advocacy to the LS community through our infographics and other awareness campaign initiatives. In the pledge booth, the community pledges money at the same time rewarded with items, like stickers, button pins, or plushies, based on the amount given.

Tambay Week

Tambay Week is a week-long project wherein all BOx members get to bond with each other through various activities. Members can also use this to de-stress with the other members in a familiar environment.


Ateneo BOx OrSem for BOx members – it is a one-day event where BOx members are given opportunities to hone basic skills necessary for their Biology classes, and will provide opportunities for fun and team building to build camaraderie amongst BOx members. This event will showcase team building, event organization, and coordination with the Biology Department.